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Land Cruiser Defender Review

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The land cruiser defender is a big SUV that can carry eight adults and lots of cargo. There’s a long-wheelbase version, too, called the Defender 130.

Interior Details

The Defender’s cabin is a blend of soft-touch leather and rugged-feeling plastics. Some exposed bolt-heads and body-colour metal panels add to its utilitarian aesthetic.

Safety Options

Standard safety features include blind-spot warning, radar-guided cruise control and lane-keeping steering. All of these help make longer journeys easier.

Fuel Economy and Performance

EPA estimates put the 90 four-cylinder in the Defender at 18 mpg city and 21 mpg highway, with the six-cylinder getting similar figures. Those who want more power can step up to the 110 or 90 with the 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder and get 19 mpg combined.

It’s a bit noisy at times around those big door mirrors, and if you’re running the off-road tyres that you’ll probably want to fit, they’ll make quite a bit of noise too, but the Defender is surprisingly hushed on the open road.

Driving Experience

The Defender is a smooth and very comfortable SUV to drive, thanks to the softly-softly air suspension that’s standard. It cruises with a sense of well-being and refinement that you’d expect from a much posher car, and the big doors and huge windows mean that forward visibility is excellent.

Ultimately, the Defender’s practicality and utility are its biggest selling points. It’s a good choice for buyers who like their SUVs to be easy to live with, but don’t want to compromise on the things that matter.

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