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The Best Cold Press Juicer

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Freshly squeezed juices are one of the easiest ways to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. While shop-bought juices may be convenient, nothing beats a homemade glass of orange or green goodness.

Juice press machine aren’t all created equal though and it’s worth spending a bit more on a model that is quieter, less messy and will do a better job of extracting the most nutrition from your produce. Whether you’re looking to make healthy smoothies and cold-pressed juices for breakfast or a late night aperitif, the best juicer uk can handle all of your juicing needs with ease.

Taking up almost no room on the worktop, this stylish juicing machine by Ninja is noticeably smaller than most of its rivals and comes in a contemporary colourway that will sit nicely on your kitchen counter. It’s also remarkably quiet with it only making up to 77 decibels when working away at hard and soft fruit, leafy greens and even nut milks.

Squeeze and Enjoy: Exploring the Finest Cold Press Juicers for UK Juicing Aficionados

The slow squeezing system also minimises oxidation which helps to make for more nutrient-dense juices. Unlike centrifugal models which heat the juice, this cold press juicer is efficient and will leave you with silky smooth drinks in around 30 seconds.

It’s easy to use too, with no complicated attachments needed for different uses and a handy guide book including recipes for everything from nut milks to fruit coulis to frozen desserts. It’s also dishwasher-friendly but the jug can be a little tricky to disassemble and clean.

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