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What Is a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve?What Is a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve?


triple offset butterfly valve

A triple offset butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn valve with three separate offsets that distinguish it from regular butterfly valves. This unique design ensures bubble-tight shut off and metal-to-metal seal performance in high pressure applications and extreme temperatures, making it a reliable choice for many different industrial applications.Read more

The first of the three offsets is located in the centerline of the valve where it becomes the axis of the seat cone angle, which minimizes squeezing complications that are found in concentric butterfly valves. In addition, the angled position of the disc about the seats preserves the integrity of the sealing surface and lowers operating torque.

In terms of its function, a triple-offset butterfly valve relies on line pressure that acts against the disc to create the seal. This approach avoids the elastomer-based sealing mechanism that is susceptible to wear in high-cycle applications, and it also reduces energy consumption.

The Future of Fluid Control: Advancements and Trends in Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

This resilient metal-to-metal seal is the result of an elastic deformation caused by contact pressure in two directions: radial compression from the disc and outward tension from the seat. It is more effective than a traditional valve with an elastomeric seal in terms of leakage rate and cycle life.

A specialized metallurgy is used for the body seat, while a resilient seal ring is typically made from Stellite grade 21 or Duplex. These materials are highly corrosion-resistant and can withstand abrasive media, harsh temperature conditions, and cyclic operations. These characteristics make this valve suitable for harsh environments, and they deliver repeatable performance that translates to longer valve lifespans.…