Whats Your Digitaliq Tech Fire Systems Analytics & Automation

Fire Systems Analytics & Automation

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Fire Systems Analytics & Automation

The Pulse Fire Tech demands data-driven decisions to ensure the safety of people and assets during an emergency. From mapping and analysis software to automated management reports, new technology in fire detection and firefighting is increasing the efficiency of emergency response with more information and less damage.

Whether it’s a small commercial application or a large industrial facility, the need for fire protection systems is growing across industries in 2022 and beyond. Stringent government rules for fire prevention and control along with the desire to reduce the loss of life and property are driving demand.

Advancing Safety and Efficiency: Fire Systems Analytics & Automation

Fire mapping and analysis solutions provide a visual display of key data to help firefighters allocate resources to the right places for faster responses with minimal damage. This is accomplished by leveraging a wide range of technology such as thermal imaging and visual cameras, and pan/tilt systems for hazardous areas.

Digital technologies like the NOTIFIER Inspire series with self-test smoke detectors and permanent cloud connectivity deliver a solution that is built to scale based on building requirements, minimizes changes and provides secure connectivity. This, combined with Siemens’ Fire Safety Digital Services portfolio enables customers to move from a reactive compliance-led approach to total protection through intelligent fire safety.

Vision Pro is a powerful fire risk assessment solution that simplifies the process of conducting inspections and audits in a safe, efficient manner. Using ready-to-use, industry standard templates and images of hazards observed, Vision Pro makes it simple to create accurate fire risk assessments. Moreover, it can be integrated with ERP systems to eliminate double data entry and avoid manual errors.

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