Whats Your Digitaliq Business Estate Agent Marketing Tips

Estate Agent Marketing Tips

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A successful estate agent marketing needs a clear marketing plan that will generate leads, convert prospects into clients, and support future growth. Whether your goal is to sell 50 homes in six months or create supplemental income with vacation rentals, a well-defined marketing strategy will help you achieve it.

Develop an online presence by establishing a website, blogging on topics relevant to your target audience, and posting property listings on real estate websites. A well-designed, user-friendly website also helps prospective clients find you on Google searches.

Estate Agent Marketing 101: Essential Tips for Success

Build an email list by offering resources like white papers, tip sheets, and e-books in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. Keep in touch with your list by sending monthly newsletters and promotional offers.

Differentiate yourself from other agents by creating a video to promote your services. Don a black turtleneck and explain your real estate expertise in a style reminiscent of Steve Jobs (rest in peace). Or, take a page from the “Arrested Development” playbook and mock those 1-800-lawyer commercials.

Establish credibility by getting happy past clients to provide testimonials in video or written form for your site. A few well-placed social media posts highlighting these positive reviews can give you added social clout and boost your sales.

Don’t forget about old-school marketing techniques like print and direct mail. Partner with local area businesses to place your real estate business cards in their storefronts or offer them to employees for display. Likewise, reach out to area schools and churches that are in need of sponsors for their annual events. Offering to host a seminar on first-time homebuyers or homeowners could get you in front of new audiences.

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