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Workout Outfits Women Need to Be As Functional As They Are Stylish

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Whether you’re running laps at the gym or taking a hot yoga class, workout outfits women¬† have to be as functional as they are stylish. This means having the right gear to fit your specific fitness needs and look great on you when you’re out and about running errands post-workout (though, we admit, this is a subjective standard). You need a super-supportive sports bra that won’t shift or ride up no matter how many jumping jacks you do, plus leggings that don’t dig into your waist or ride up every time you squat. And, of course, your gear must also be sweat-wicking and comfortable enough to keep you moving without chafing.

Stylish and Strong: Trendy Workout Outfits for Women to Elevate Your Fitness Game

While you may already know the big athletic brands like Nike and Adidas have amazing selections of workout clothes for women, there are also plenty of other options worth checking out. From sustainable brands like Girlfriend Collective to retailers with active lines like Old Navy, there’s something for everyone when it comes to high-performance apparel that looks good.

The best part about a workout wardrobe is that you can always mix-and-match your faves. You can create a totally new look with a pair of versatile, on-trend leggings (like these buttery Lululemon Align leggings) and a sporty tank or tee from a brand like Colorfulkoala, which Amazon shoppers rave about for their cute color-block designs and soft feel. Add a pair of sneakers and a crossbody bag to keep all your belongings in check (plus a water bottle for those thirsty workouts), and you’re set.

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