Whats Your Digitaliq Blog The Chrysler 300 AC – A Cafe Racer’s Dream

The Chrysler 300 AC – A Cafe Racer’s Dream

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300 ac

Packed with free-spirited ‘Cafe Racer’ attitude, the ac300, ac 300 is a model best suited to riders seeking a super-trendy but uncomplicated retro look.

Privileged with a responsive YF300 liquid-cooled engine and 6-speed gearbox, the 300 AC boasts an impressive 135km/h top speed. It also features a range of other well-engineered modern sportbike features, such as electric-start, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, LED lights, digital trip-meter and much more.

Affordably priced, the 300 AC is a great addition to any garage and a smart investment for anyone who likes a good ride. The aforementioned liquid-cooled, air-cooled motor delivers a healthy dose of performance while the opulently sized fuel tank means you can keep on cruising.

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The 300 AC is also home to some of VOGE’s most innovative and technologically advanced features. For example, the 300 AC is equipped with a patented, dual-stage, active traction control system that improves acceleration and braking performance while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

VOGE has done a great job of building on the 300 AC’s legacy by adding an array of patented safety features to help you and your passengers stay safe while on the road.

The best way to find out if your Chrysler 300 ac is worth the money is to get it inspected by an expert. Search for RepairPal Certified shops in your area to find a qualified automotive pro near you and schedule an appointment today.

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