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Pick Lock Tools

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pick lock tools

Pick lock tools are long, thin metal pieces with curved ends that have different shapes for the various types of locks. A basic set of tools includes a variety of picks and rakes, a tension wrench, and a case for holding your tools. There are also decoders and bump keys which are a bit more complicated and used for more advanced locks.

The standard short hook is the most common pick in any picking kit and mastery of this pick often correlates with mastery of lockpicking itself. Its slim profile allows it to reach tight pin configurations, like radically short pins behind long ones. Its curved tip is also good for probing and lifting, as it can move around pins much more maneuverably than flat-tipped hooks.

Mastering Lock Picking with Standard Lock Pick Sets: A Beginner’s Guide

Feeler picks are designed to let you feel the pins inside a lock and apply pressure to each one by hand. This method requires a lot more practice, but can often be faster than using a rake and works better on older locks.

Rakes are a method for quickly tripping all the pins in a lock by dragging a tool across them more or less randomly. There are a number of different rakes available, but the Bogota and Snake rakes are two of the most popular due to their versatility and effectiveness against some of the toughest locks. The city rake, a newer variation on the rake that adds some rocking and mild scrubbing to its motion, is another very useful rake for a lot of locks.

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