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How to Create Custom QR Code Stickers

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Custom qr code stickers are a quick and easy way to link customers to a website, social media platform or even an app download – but did you know they can also be incorporated into your sticker design? This elevates your stickers into something useful for your customers without the need for more words on the label.

Why are stickers called decals?

For example, restaurants can use high-tack, weather-resistant QR code payment stickers for tables – so that customers can order food and drink by scanning the sticker, rather than asking a wait staff member to do it for them. This helps streamline the process and improves customer satisfaction.

In addition, QR codes can be used to provide extra product information that would be too difficult or expensive to fit on a normal label – for example, a QR code could direct your customers to the online version of your user manual, or an interactive guide for assembling a piece of furniture if they are unable to read the printed instructions. Having this added convenience makes the whole experience more pleasant and likely to result in positive reviews for your company.

To create a custom QR code batch, you need to sign up with a service that allows you to download your QR code images as ready-to-print labels (stickers). Look for one that offers hassle-free sticker generation by allowing you to upload your csv file, then organise them onto a label sheet to print. Once it’s done, you’ll be notified by email and can download the batch in a zip folder.

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