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Early Pregnancy Insomnia

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When you’re in the first early pregnancy insomnia of your pregnancy, insomnia can be a real pain in the ass. The combination of raging hormones and a changing body can make sleep seem impossible. Luckily, it’s usually not one of the first pregnancy signs women notice. But it does tend to show up later, after other symptoms such as morning sickness and a bumpy uterus have started to show.

The main reason for early pregnancy insomnia is hormonal changes. The rise of pregnancy-related hormones such as human chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone can cause daytime sleepiness, increase the frequency of bedtime naps, and cause nocturnal sleep to be fragmented. This can lead to feeling less rested the next day.

Counting Sheep: Navigating Early Pregnancy Insomnia for Expecting Mothers

Other pregnancy-related issues can also interfere with sleeping, such as frequent urination, back pain, heartburn, restless leg syndrome and a larger belly that makes it hard to find a comfortable position. If any of these pregnancy problems are causing you to wake up frequently or can’t fall asleep at night, speak with your doctor about treatment options.

Overall, it’s important to take a healthy approach to sleeping while pregnant. Avoiding caffeine and a late dinner, as well as maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, are good ideas. Stress reduction techniques and talking about your sleep concerns with your partner, a friend, or a counselor can also help.

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