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Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles

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When you build a swimming pool tiles or give your existing one a facelift, the tile choices you make are vital. From tried-and-true classics like porcelain and ceramic to showstopping glass mosaic tile, there are many options for a unified design that’s just as safe and beautiful as it is durable and functional.

The color and design of the tiles are a big part of the overall look of a pool, but it’s also important to consider the texture, shape, and size of the tiles. You can choose from textured versions of traditional tile for an organic and natural feel or you can go bold with a hand-painted tile that adds excitement to the space. Some designers even prefer to mix different types of tiles for a unique result.

Dive into Design: Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool Tiles for Your Oasis

A pool’s swimming tiles are different from regular household tile because they are specially manufactured to withstand sunlight, changing temperatures, and contact with cleaning chemicals. In addition, they are usually much thicker than regular tile to prevent water leaks.

Porcelain pool tiles are a popular choice because they’re durable, affordable, and come in a variety of colors. You can even find porcelain tiles with a textured surface to prevent slipping. This is especially important for parents, children, and elderly swimmers.

If you’re interested in a more organic look for your pool, stone tiles are a great option. They add a classic Mediterranean or classical architectural style to your pool and complement other natural elements in the surrounding landscaping.

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