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Microblading in DubaiMicroblading in Dubai


microblading in dubai

The process of microblading is an advanced cosmetic procedure that consists of applying pigment with tiny needles to your eyebrows. The whole procedure takes no more than half an hour, but the initial consultation may take several hours. A qualified, experienced professional will use a triple anesthetic cream before the procedure. The initial colour of your brows will be darker than normal, and it will gradually soften to a lighter shade over two weeks.

Here’s A Closer Look At What You Can Expect

While the procedure is simple, the price of a Microblading session varies greatly. The procedure costs more if you want full brows or reshaping of your existing brows. Besides cost, the quality of the results is also a factor. In addition, expensive doctors will charge more than less experienced ones. However, this may not be the best option. The quality of the result may not be as good, so you should choose your practitioner wisely.

Microblading in Dubai is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. The procedure works by implanting pigment in your skin. The pigment is applied with a flat blade, with each stroke covering a specific area of your eyebrow. A follow-up session is usually required about four weeks after the initial treatment. Afterwards, the results will last anywhere from three to six months. You will need to take care of your brows after the procedure to maintain the look of your brows.

If you have a spot in your brows or a hairline missing from your eyebrows, you should choose Microblading in Dubai. This treatment restores missing points and creates full, voluminous brows. If you have decided to undergo this procedure, you should contact a reputable salon in Dubai to schedule a consultation. You can also try out the procedure at your local salon or at the Royal Retreat Spa, which offers this service.