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What Loft Insulation Requirements Are Required in the UK?

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loft insulation requirements uk

Loft insulation requirements uk in keeping a home warm throughout the year, and it’s an area of the house that is often overlooked. However, with energy prices continuing to rise it’s more important than ever that homes are properly insulated. Not only does this help to reduce bills but it also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

There are a few different types of insulation available, and it’s important to find the right type to suit your needs. Typically, roll insulation is the most popular option and comes in a variety of thicknesses. This can be either fibreglass or mineral wool depending on the budget and needs of the client. However, there are other options such as PIR boards or rigid board insulation, and it’s worth asking your contractor what the best option is for your property.

Insulating to Code: Demystifying UK Loft Insulation Regulations

In terms of how much loft insulation is required, the government recommends a minimum of 270mm. This is the standard for new properties, and it’s also something that homeowners should aim for if they want to improve their home’s efficiency.

A well-insulated loft will keep the heat in during the winter and out of the summer, saving money and making your property more comfortable. It can even increase the value of your home, and it’s a great way to help protect the environment.

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