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Innovative Vaping Detectors

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Innovative Vaping Detectors

Innovative Vaping Detectors  smoke and vape detection solutions, organizations can enforce no-vaping policies more effectively. Vape sensors are widely used in schools and universities to maintain a clean environment, healthcare facilities to prevent patients from smoking in hospitals, and office spaces to create a productive work environment. These sensors also help transportation hubs create a safe and healthy environment for their passengers.

Precision in Practice: Enhancing Laboratory Processes with Oxygen Analysis

Unlike traditional smoke detectors, these sensors use PM2.5 air quality technology to detect vapor particles. They are specifically designed to recognize the odor produced by e-cigarettes and other vapor products, as well as tobacco and regular cigarettes. They can even identify vapor from marijuana and THC oil.

When the sensors detect a specific chemical signature associated with certain vapor products, they will send an alert to staff in real-time. These notifications can be sent via a desktop or mobile app, a text message, or an email. This allows staff to respond quickly, before the odor lingers in the air for an extended period of time.

School administrators are using HALO to combat underage vaping and monitor campus air quality, particularly in the two most popular places for e-cigarettes: school restrooms and locker rooms. These areas are easy for students to access without the fear of being spotted by their parents, and they can easily “cover” their tracks because e-cigarette smoke is colorless and smells different than cigarette smoke. HALO’s vape sensor can help administrators track and locate underage vapers, and can be paired with video security to provide additional context and evidence.

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