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There are quite a few free dating sites like and, but if you’ve tried these sites or spend any time doing a bit of research about online dating, you probably have experienced or heard your share of horror stories about these sites. The fact is, if you want to get good results from online dating, you simply must join a paid dating site like, Eharmony, or

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to cut costs. Take, for example. You can actually joining the site, set up a profile, and search other members for free. If you don’t find anyone you are interested in, you can simply move on without having spent any money. You can also do things like send flirts for free. So as you can see, even if you don’t purchase a membership, there are quite a few things you can do to get the ball rolling.

Then, there is also a free trial you can use by going to the websites that feature current Match promotional offers. This free trial used to be 7 days long, but these days it has been shortened to just 3 days. Granted, that’s not exactly a whole lot of time, but at least it will allow you the opportunity to test out a few of the features to see how the site works. If you like the interface and the level of interaction you have during the trial period, at least you know what you’re getting into when you purchase a membership.

So my advice is to avoid the free dating sites and set up a free account and obtain free trial coupons for highly respected dating sites like After all, this is your love life we’re talking about here. That’s not an area where you want to skimp and save a few bucks. You can’t put a price on love, and therefore you should be smart about how you spend your money, but you should be willing to pay a premium for the best online dating services out there.

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Buying glasses and contacts online: the smart way to save

One of the many negative things about having poor vision is that it ends up costing you more money every year. First, you need to have annual exams when you have poor vision. These visits to the optometrist usually cost $100 or more. So right off the bat, you have an extra $100 charge every year that people with good vision don’t have to contend with.

cheap contact lenses at visualdiscount.comUnfortunately, that’s just the beginning. You also need to buy glasses or contact lenses. A good pair of glasses could easily run you $300 with the frame and lenses. Contact lenses, on the other hand, should set you back by $200 a year, and are therefore just as expensive.

All this got me thinking about ways to reduce the amount I spend for my vision care needs.

First, let’s take a look at glasses. While it’s true that if you buy glasses at a typical vision center, did you know you can get glasses for as little as $40 if you buy them online? This sounded too good to be true, so I actually ordered one of these $40 glasses. I was surprised to see that they were actually sturdy, well-made glasses. Moreover, my designer glasses fell apart after a few months, while the cheaper glasses are still going strong.

You can also save by purchasing your contacts online. Prices across the board are lower if you buy from top online contact lens stores like On top of that, if you couple these savings with online coupons, your savings can be rather substantial. I encourage you to take advantage of these coupon codes from to get the best prices for contact lenses.

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How well does online dating work?

Online dating sites are ubiquitous. I seen tons of commercials these days for sites such as eHarmony and, which arguably are the two 800 pound gorillas as far as Internet dating goes. And I’ve certainly met my share of people who have utilized these sites heavily.

online dating profile on Match.comBut does online dating work any better than traditional dating? Sites like eHarmony and certainly want you to think so. In the aforementioned commercials, it is often stated that people who use these sites are more likely to get into a relationship or get married. To be honest, I’m not sure how much I believe such statistics.

But perhaps the right question isn’t whether or not you have a better chance of finding someone with online dating. After all, dating sites only offer you another avenue for meeting people. Once you actually meet someone you start dating, the rest is up to you.

The one area where online dating definitely helps is that it may speed up the process of finding someone to go out with. I remember that before dating sites were popular, it took some people a long time to find a date. I doubt this is the case if they use a dating site. It also gives shy or busy people an easy way to get into the dating game. So while I’m not sure if the relationships that start online are more likely to succeed, it does seem true that participating in a dating site gives you more good opportunities to find a date in the first place.

So which dating site is right for you? If you like to sift through hundreds of profiles and make contact with people yourself, the best choice is On the other hand, if you prefer a more intimate approach, where you are “introduced” to matches through a highly complex and well-respected algorithm, you best option would be eHarmony. The lastest eHarmony free trial from allows you to communicate with other members for free.

It’s important to note that according to eHarmony, their site generates more marriages than any other internet site. So I guess it boils down to what exactly you’re looking for at this juncture in your life.

How to buy contact lenses online

There was a time when I purchased my contact lenses directly from my optometrist. I wasn’t aware of any other way, and as far as I was concerned, buying from the eye doctor was the only option. This might have been the case decades ago, but it is no longer true. Today, there are dozens of contact lens stores online where you can purchase your contact lenses at a deep discount. Some of these stores will allow you to save 50% or more off retail prices when you factor in online coupons and other great deals such as free shipping.

I was first made aware of the possibility of buying contact lenses online by my sister. She has been wearing contact lenses her entire life, and is generally more savvy than me when it comes to matters of shopping, saving money, and getting great deals. She also works in the online field for a large utility company, so she is generally quite well informed about the latest trends online. When she found out I bought my lenses from the doctor, she quickly let me know I could get a much better deal online from stores like 1-800 contacts,, vision direct, and many other outlets.

After we had our talk, I went home and began doing some research. Lo and behold, these stores sold the contact lenses I wear, which is Air Optix, at a far lower price than what I was used to paying. But I still had tons of questions, like how do these stores verify your prescription? Do you need to use certain doctors in order to qualify? Are the lenses the same as the ones I purchase from my doctor? Fortunately, most of the sites had extensive FAQs that allayed many of my concerns and fears.

As I mentioned pricing is very low, and you can expect to save 10, 20, or 30 dollars or more per box. On a typical order of 2-4 boxes, you could easily save $100 or more. Keep in mind, this assumes you also take advantage of online coupons. Stores like offer coupons on a regular basis. Most of the time, to use the coupons, you need to only copy down special contact lens coupon codes and enter it during the checkout process. Then voila, your savings are automatically calculated and your order total is adjusted accordingly. To get coupons, simply head over to

The main thing you need to remember is that when you get an eye exam, you request a copy of your prescription. This is really all you need to purchase your lenses from a store like I like to scan my prescription and email a copy to the store to expedite my order. But it’s also possible to just give the store your doctor’s information and they can verify the prescription on their end. This, however, takes much longer and can add up to a week to the processing time for your order. That’s why I prefer to have my own copy of my prescription. However, it’s still nice that they allow you the option to verify your order without a prescription should you not have a copy handy.

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